House Manual

Guests will be provided with a code to enter the home prior to arriving. Garage door openers will be in the guest office along with a house manual. Make yourself at home! Host may be present to greet guests and can be contacted during your stay should you have any questions or concerns. If you don’t feel like doing laundry when you arrive home from your stay, just let your host know and we will wash, dry and fold. A little welcome gift is always awaiting our younger guests. Parents are encouraged to share children’s ages, if they wish, to help host provide an age appropriate care package. A scavenger hunt often keeps the kids busy while the adults unpack the car and usually leads to a little surprise. Sometimes there is even a treasure hidden outside! Like a little spice added to your burger on the grill? We have your basic spices stocked and gas for the grill! Prefer a charcoal cooked burger? Well we have one of those grills for you too! You can bring your favorite beach towel if you want, but we have plenty you can use while you are here. Want to keep the little ones busy while you enjoy a campfire? Ask your host about setting up the tent by the lakefront. Just remember to lock the house when you go out, turn the gas off on the grill when finished, and relax, relax, relax!

Guests should make themselves at home, feel comfortable and relax. Garbage should be tied in garbage bag and placed in garbage cans in garage during stay. Guests can place breakable household items in designated totes if they wish to keep them out of reach of little ones. NYS recycles cans and bottles for a deposit refund. We ask that cans and bottles be kept separate from trash and placed in the supplied containers. No trash should be thrown into the Lake or left along the lakefront. Guests may park 2 vehicles in the attached garage or on the paved driveway. Parking along lakefront is allowed, but only in marked designated area. 3 car maximum on lakefront. The Fingerlakes Railway runs along the Lake. 1 to 2 times daily for app. 2 minutes a train will go by the house. Children should always be supervised. Campfires must be contained to firepits. Guests must secure watercraft on shore after use and return fishing items to shed after use. Guests may use our Netflix and Sling accounts only during their stay. Purchases made to these accounts outside of regular programming will be charged to guest. Be kind to wildlife and others. Respect our home so others can enjoy it.